Course Credits and Conversion of Courses

Credit Points for Courses from Other Universities

Please fill out this form if you are looking to receive credit points to count toward your degree from universities other than the Free University of Berlin, or from departments and institutes that are not the Kennedy Institute.

The form first has to be signed by a member of the department in which you seek credit (“Testat”). Please bring transcripts, syllabi, or other relevant documents. Afterwards, all documents have to be submitted to Prof. Dr. Harald Wenzel for final review. Submissions can be made by mail, during his office hours, or handed in at the office of the Sociology department, where students can pick up them up about a week later.

Please keep the original form in your files and hand in a copy at the Office of Examination and Auditing (Prüfungsbüro).

Conversion of Courses

It is possible to convert credit for classes taken at the Kennedy Institute (e.g. conversion of an advanced disciplinary seminar into a disciplinary orientation seminar). You can find the corresponding form here (Rules and Regulations 2011) and here (Rules and Regulations 2014). As in the case described above, the form has to be signed by a member of the department first ("Testat"), and afterwards by Prof. Dr. Harald Wenzel.

Credit Points for General Professional Skills Courses (ABV)

Students have the possibility to receive credit points for the internship portion of the General Professional Skills (ABV) course of study. A maximum of 5 credit points can be awarded for previous professional experience. Please use the same form as the one for courses from other universities. To see if you are eligible to receive credit, please see Anne Nassauer during her office hours.

If you complete an internship during your studies at the Freie Universität, please register for one of the internship modules in Campus Management. Please direct questions concerning your internship at the Career Service.

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