Completion of Study and Final Degree

BA Thesis Registration: Requirements, Forms, Registration Dates

The BA thesis has to be registered with the Office of Examinations and Auditing (Prüfungsbüro) on specific dates. These are offered once every month (usually on the first Tuesday), with the exception of March and August. To register your thesis, you have to provide proof that you completed a total of 120 credit points, 80 of which need to have been completed in North American Studies. The proof usually consists of your Campus Management records, and documents certifying credit for classes from other universities.

You also have to fill out the forms “Antrag für die Anmeldung zu Bachelorprüfung,” and “Themenblatt mit Bearbeitungshinweisen,” which both can be found on the website of the Office of Examinations and Auditing, along with the registration dates.

Potential thesis advisors are approached by the students during their office hours. All professors and “Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter” with a doctorate at the Kennedy Institute are eligible. One of the reviewers needs to be either a "Juniorprofessor," "Professor," or "Privatdozent." Please discuss ideas for thesis topics before asking them to sign the “Themenblatt.” After the form has been signed by both advisors, it has to be handed in at Prof. Wenzel’s office to obtain his signature as the head of the Exam Review Committee at least two weeks before the registration date.

During the week before the registration date, please sign your name unto the list which will be posted outside the Office of Examinations and Auditing. That way, you will be assigned a specific time slot on the day of registration.

Please bring all the filled out forms, as well as copies, and a valid certificate of matriculation to register your thesis.

BA Thesis: Deadlines and Completion

After successful registration, you have a total of twelve weeks to complete your thesis. Please send the thesis in pdf form to both your advisors. A hard copy of the finished thesis is to be handed in at the Office for Examinations and Auditing on the day of the deadline. Please include a signed copy of the "Eidesstattliche Erklärung." In case you send the hard copy via mail, the letter has to be postmarked on the day of the deadline at the latest.

Completion of Studies

After having finished your course work and received the grade for your thesis, you have to fill out the form “Anmeldung zum Studienabschluss” and hand it in at the Office of Examinations and Auditing. The official graduation ceremony takes place on the last Saturday of November.

All forms are available on the website of the Office of Examinations and Auditing.
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