Bachelor Program (30CP)

Students have the option to take North American Studies as a 30 CP minor in the “Kombibachelor.” Unlike for students of the 120 CP major, a semester abroad is not obligatory. Please see here for information on which combinations are possible (link only available in German), or contact the FU Info Service.

Course of Study

Introductory Courses (10 CP)

  • Introductory Module: Understanding North America A2

    (Culture, History, Literature)


  • Introductory Module: Understanding North America B2

     (Economics, Political Science, Sociology)

Disciplinary Orientation (20 CP)

  • Disciplinary Orientation Module, Discipline 1 (10 CP)
  • Multidisciplinary Orientation Module, Discipline 2 (10 CP)

The disciplinary orientation module is comprised of a course (“Proseminar”) and a seminar. For the multidisciplinary orientation module, you have to complete a course and attend the Ring Lecture.

Model Study Plan

Supplementary Notes on the sample course of study

The orientation modules each consist of two classes ("Proseminar," and "Seminar"). There are two types of credit for these classes: “active participation,” which remains without a grade, and "Leistungsschein," which is graded based both on active participation and a written exam / term paper / oral exam. To complete the module, one of the classes has to be completed as "active participation," the other as "Leistungsschein."

Please note that the multidisciplinary orientation module consists of a course ("Proseminar") and attending the ring lecture (Ringvorlesung), offered every winter term. As the ring lecture counts as "active participation," the corresponding course has to be completed as "Leistungsschein."

For the modules Understanding North America (UNA) A2 and B2, attending the Friday lectures is mandatory. For the tutorium, attendance is not required. In addition to the UNA module you choose, you have to audit the lectures of a fourth discipline in the other UNA module. If you choose to complete UNA A2, you also have to attend the lectures of one discipline in the UNA B2 module (e.g. Political Science), and vice versa.
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