John F. Kennedy Institute Alumni Association e. V.

The Alumni Association provides former students and teachers the opportunity to stay in contact with the John F. Kennedy Institute and to support its work. The Board of the Alumni Association consists of the following members:


You can view and print the statutes (in German) and membership application form (in German).

The Activities of the Alumni Association include:

Graduation Party

An annual event, that brings together new graduates, teachers and former students. The next Graduation takes place on November 28, 2015.

Career Panels

The institute's alumni are active in a wide range of career fields and represent a great source of experience and advice for students of the Institute.  The Alumni Association has already organized several Career Panels in which alumni working in the fields of journalism, media and publishing have shared their insights with JFKI students.



The latest news concerning the Kennedy Institute can be found online and in the institute's semi-annual newsletter.

How can Alumni support the Kennedy-Institute?

  • Prospective Members: Download the statutes (in German) and application form (in German). The membership fee is 30 € per annum.
  • Donations are always welcome:

JFK Alumni Association
Account Number: 5235908
Deutsche Bank 24
BLZ: 100 700 24

  • Take up a magazine subscription. Contact Address:  Frau von Roëll, John-F.-Kennedy-Institut, Lansstr. 7-9, 14195 Berlin, Tel. +49 30 838-52858, e-mail:


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