Prof. Irwin Collier Ph. D.

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Office hours

Tuesday 10am - 12pm

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Academic Career

1974 BA: Yale College, USA
1984 Ph.D.: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
1981 - 1988 Assist. Prof. University of Houston, Texas, USA
1989 Assoc. Prof. University of Houston, Texas, USA
1994 - Professor an der Freien Universität Berlin

Work Experience Beyond Academics

1982 - 1983 Consultant, Die Weltbank
1981 - 1988

Volkswagen International Fellow, Bundesinstitut für ostwissenschaftliche u.internationale Studien, Köln

International Stays

1980 - 1981 Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, N.J., USA
1981 - 1994 University of Houston, Texas, USA 
  CERGE-EI, Prague, Czech Republic
2002 - 2003 Seoul National University, Korea


American Economic Association

Verein für Sozialpolitik

Prof. Collier, Ph.D. in an interview with the "Institute for New Economic Thinking" (INET)


Prof. Collier talked about his research project "The Origin of the Graduate Canon in the United States", which is promoted by the INET Grant Program.

Selected Media Appearances

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In "Die Welt" about the reelection of Barack Obama as US President, 11/2012

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On the BBC in "Business daily" (Interview with Prof. Collier starts after 10 minutes), 01/2012

On Bloomberg about the political cooperation to solve the European debt crisis, 01/2012

On Bloomberg about the Euro Zone and its current Financial Crisis, 10/2011

On Radio Deutschlandfunk about US healthcare system reforms, 03/2010

Hans Böckler Stiftung, Magazin Mitbestimmung, 12/2009


Selected Publications

"The DM and the Ossi Consumer: Price Indexes During Transition" Journal of Economic Integration 27.2 (2012): 245-273.

"The Unification Bonus (Malus) of East Germans After the Fall of the Berlin Wall" Journal of Economic Integration 27.2 (2012): 222-244.

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Articles: “Bundesbank”, “Currency, 1871-1990”, and “Taxation, 1870-1990” in Modern Germany: An Encyclopedia of History, People, and Culture, 1871-1990 edited by Dieter K. Buse and Juergen C. Doerr, Garland Publishing , 1998.

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