Workspace Canada

Introducing the Workspace Canada Project – A Contemporary Portrait of Canada

Since 2006 photographer Martin Weinhold has been constantly working on an artistic-documentary mission, depicting the jobs and occupations in present-day Canada. The project’s intention: to show the contemporary face of Canada, photographed in the very decade before the country’s sesquicentennial. From 2006 to 2016 Martin Weinhold is exploring the variety of existing life models attached to work and profession all across the country. This way he is forming an unprecedented composite portrait of Canada.

The collection of meanwhile close to 2,000 photographs (containing close to 500 individual portraits) will be presented on occasion of Canada’s Sesquicentennial anniversary in 2017. You are invited to have a first glance at the project’s scope by reviewing the 100 photographs selected for this webpage. For comments, questions or support offers please contact:

From The Globe and Mail: Canada’s close-up: A long look at Martin Weinhold’s cross-country photo project

Have a look at some of the portraits:

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