Culture Department: Changes in the Course Schedule

News vom 07.10.2016

Changes in the Course Schedule of the Department of Culture

The first sessions of Allison Stagg's courses "American Art Between the Revolution and the Civil War" (BA, 32101)  and "'The Lovers of Fun may be gratified': Early American Caricature Prints and Visual Culture, 1789-1840" (MA, 32113) will be on November 2. The MA-Seminar is listed as Culture, Module A, B, and C Hauptseminar, and as Interdisciplinary Module.

The first session of Nitya Koch's "'Gendering Genre': Constructions of Gender in American Genre Cinema" (BA, 32103) will be on October 26.

Simon Schleusener's "Cultural Formations of American Capitalism" (MA, 32114) is now listed as Culture Module A and B, Hauptseminar; the course is scheduled for Fr 2 - 6 p.m., first session on December 16.