Prof. Dr. Moritz Schularick

Foto M. Schularick klein

Abteilung Wirtschaft

Lansstraße 7-9
Raum 231
14195 Berlin
030 838-52885

Prof. Dr. Schularick im Interview mit dem "Institute for New Economic Thinking" (INET)


Prof. Dr. Schularick wurde zu seinem vom INET Grant Program geförderten Forschungsprojekt "Finance and the Welfare of Nations: The View from Economic History" befragt.


New Research


  • The Making of America`s Imbalances (with Paul Wachtel); Discussion Paper Free University of Berlin(2012/16)




  • Public Debt and Financial Crises in the Twentieth Century; Discussion Paper Free University of Berlin(2012)


  • Financial Crises, Credit Booms and External Imbalances (with Oscar Jorda and Alan Taylor); IMF Economic Review(2011)


  • The Macroeconomic Effects of Large Exchange Rate Appreciations (with Marcus Kappler, Helmut Reisen, Edouard Turkisch); OECD Development Center Working Paper(2011)

New Policy Contributions







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