The Rat Trap

5. und 6. Juli: "The Rat Trap" by The Poor Kennedys (Theaterstück) 19 Uhr in Raum 340

News vom 08.06.2011


Have you been waiting for some drama at the JFK-Institute? 

Then this is your moment!

Be dying to know: what has brought together four strangers in a waiting room - three mysterious women and a very, very confused guy? And what does Michael Jackson have to do with it? And why is everybody (yes, everybody!) acting so weird?

Don´t miss the debut performance of the year! By the JFKI's very own theater group, The Poor Kennedys.


"The Rat Trap"

on stage: Tuesday, July 5th, 7pm, and Wednesday, July 6th, 7pm.


written by Kaja Steinbuch directed by Camille Barrera
Stage management: Karolina Kowalski


Cast: Bruno Jahn, Laura Gertken, Nadia Nejjar, Carolina Dominguez, Verena Berger, Mara Bierbach, Sina Gellermann, Sylwia Jed, Jay Pocklington, Karthik Reddy, Jana Klaes  

The Poor Kennedys
Founders: Verena Berger and Mara Bierbach