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Incoming Erasmus Info

Signing your Learning Agreement

Before coming to the JFKI you will have to have selected your courses in your Learning Agreement (LA). The minimum required amount of ECTS and other admission questions need to be discussed with your home university. The Erasmus coordinator (Gabi Bodmeier) will sign your completed LA. 

The completed and signed LA needs to be submbitted before the deadline and changes can always be made to a later date. 

 Erasmus+ code: D BERLIN01 

Selecting Courses and Registration 

As Erasmus student you do not have to worry about the specific modules the courses are offerd in and can attend individual courses as long as your home university agrees. You can find the program here. If you need to complete your LA before the required course catalogue is available, use the previous one preliminarily. 

Courses explicitly for international students can be found here

Generally the JFKI rewards participation + requirements with 3 ECTS. Finishing the course with an exam/final paper will earn you 7 ECTS. Please clarify your specific ECTS needs with the professors at the beginning of the semester. 

Online Registration

To complete your registration for a course you will have to enroll via the online platforms blackboard and Campus Management. You will be reminded in class before the registration deadline (usually 3 weeks after the start of the semester). Make sure to unregister if you decide against taking the course. 

Only if you cannot register through Campus Management, please register via this form

End of Stay

It is your responsibility to request the Transcript of Records (ToR) at the end of your stay. It is not an automatic process. 

Instructors will evaluate your academic performance in a timely manner but if you need your ToR before a specific date please make sure to indicate your time pressure early on. 

For all further information please visit the FU Berlin Incoming website.

Lecture and Course Catalog
Online-Studienfachwahl-Assistent (OSA)