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Dr. Simon Strick

Abteilung Kultur

Postdoc funded by the Graduate School of North American Studies

Lansstraße 7-9
Room 314
14195 Berlin
030 838-52885

Office hours

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Professional Experience / Akademische Laufbahn

  • Postdoctoral Fellow at Graduate School for North American Studies (GSNAS), JFK-Institute Freie University Berlin, Department of Culture. Since June 2016
  • Parental Leave Mai 2015 - Mai 2016
  • Postdoctoral Researcher at University of Paderborn, DFG-Research Training Group Automatisms. Headed by Hartmut Winkler and Hannelore Bublitz. Nov 2014 - Mai 2015
  • Postdoctoral Researcher at Charité Berlin, Project Schädelbasiswissen (funded by VW-Stiftung). Nov 2013 - Sep 2014
  • Postdoctoral Researcher at Center for Literary and Cultural Research Berlin, Project Schädelbasiswissen (funded by VW-Stiftung). Headed by Sigrid Weigel and Ernst-Johannes Haberl. May 2012 - Oct 2013
  • Visiting Fellow at the Department of English, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA. 2011 - 2012
  • Assistant professor at the Department of English and American Studies, HU Berlin. April 2009 - March 2010
  • Associated member of the DFG–Graduate Program Gender as a Category of Knowledge, HU Berlin. Headed by Christina von Braun and Volker Hess. 2005 - 2008

Education / Studium

  • PhD-Degree in American Studies; Humboldt University Berlin 2011.
  • Dissertation: “American Dolorologies: Pain, Sentimentality, and Biopolitics in American Culture”; submitted April 2011; Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Gabriele Dietze (Berlin), Prof. Dr. Eva Boesenberg (Berlin). Book: American Dolorologies: Pain, Sentimentalism, Biopolitics, published 2014 with State University of New York Press, Albany, NY.
  • MA-Degree (Magister) received in American Studies, Art History and Philosophy; Humboldt University Berlin in 2004
  • Magistral/Master's Thesis: "The Performativity of Marginality in American Rap Music"; Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Günter H. Lenz † (Berlin)

Fellowships and Grants / Stipendien

  • 2012 Nominee for Humboldt Dissertation Price, HU Berlin
  • 2012 Berufungsliste for Junior Professor "Visual Culture" (2nd Place) at JFK-Institute for American Studies, FU Berlin
  • 2011-2012 Visiting Fellow Scholarship, English Department, University of Virginia
  • 2009 Dissertation Completion Grant, DFG–Graduate Program Gender as a Category of Knowledge, HU Berlin
  • 2008 Research Grant, Wood Library of Medical History, Chicago, IL
  • 2006-2008 Grant for Young Scholars, NaFöG HU-Berlin

Courses Taught / Lehrveranstaltungen

  • BA Seminar "Introduction to Postcolonial Theories" at Bielefeld University. WS 2014/15
  • MA-Seminar "Teaching Popular Culture" at HU Berlin. SS 2013
  • Queer Theory Reading Group, with Claire Raymond, University of Virginia. Spring 2012
  • Seminar "Gender and Violence: Representing the Camp" (CPLT 3000). With Katja Baumgärtner, University of Virginia. Spring 2012
  • Seminar "Introduction to American Studies" (AMST 2001). With Sylvia Chong and Jennifer Rae Greeson, University of Virginia. Fall 2011
  • MA-Seminar "American Sexualities" at HU Berlin. WS 2009/2010
  • BA-Seminar "Questioning the Postracial Society" at HU Berlin. WS 2009/10
  • BA-Seminar "Introduction to Gender Theory II: Intersections" at HU Berlin. SS 2009
  • BA-Seminar "Gender and Media Theory" at HU Berlin. With Wibke Straube and Maja Figge. SS 2007
  • Seminar "Bodies and Images" at HU Berlin. With Elahe Hashemi. WS 2006-07
  • Seminar "Governmentality, Cultural Studies and Gender" at HU Berlin. With Prof. Gabriele Dietze. WS 2006-07
  • Open Seminar "Reading Michel Foucault" at HU Berlin. With Alexandra von Barsewitsch and Patrick Brunken. SS 2003
  • Organization of Students‘ Theses Research Colloquium - "Works in Progress". With Anna Katharina Otzen, Carsten Junker and Susann Neuenfeldt. 2001-04

Research Interests / Forschungsinteressen

Media and Film Studies; Feminist Theory; Queer Theory; Disability Theory; History of Knowledge; Medical History; Digital Embodiments; Popular Culture; Theories and Practices of Acting; Performance Art

Academic Work (Selection) / wissenschaftliche Tätigkeiten (Auszug)

  • Organization of Workshop Digital Technologies in Surgery, ZfL Berlin, July 2014
  • Organization of international conference Culture meets Surgery: Images, Models, and Interpretations of the Human Skull, ZfL Berlin. Together with Uta Kornmeier. November 2012
  • Organization of interdisciplinary workshop Gender, Race and Violence in Photographs – Images and After-Images, University of Virginia. April 2012
  • Organization of Interdisciplinary Research Colloquium, with participants from English, History, German, Jewish, Philosophy and Gender Studies, University of Virginia. Fall 2011 to Spring 2012
  • Co-Organizer of the international conference De/Constructions of Occidentalism at HU Berlin (DFG-Application, Concept, Organization). Together with Gabriele Dietze. June 2007
  • Organization of international conference Capturing the... Truth? Changing Practices of the Documentary at HU Berlin. Together with Björn Wieders. 2005
  • Organization of Annual Students‘ Conference at the Institute for English and American Studies, HU Berlin. Together with Philip Kneis. 2001-06

Conference Papers & Talks (Selection) / Konferenzbeiträge & Vorträge (Auszug)

"Approaching Cognitive Disability in American Silent Cinema". Talk at International Workshop “Bodies | Motion: Disabilities in Literature, Theory and the Arts”, University of Cologne, Jan 2016

"Dumb Knowledges – Intellectual Disability, Cinema and Modernity, 1920-1960". Talk at DGFA Annual Conference, „Knowledge Landscapes North America“. Bonn, May 2015

"Learning from Game Studies from Queer Studies". Lecture at Workshop RuptureDynamics: Cultural Studies in Transition, Universität Konstanz. June 2014

"Anatomie und Ästhetik: Der Schädel als Objekt formgebender Chirurgie". Invited Lecture at Ringvorlesung Object Histories, Institute of Medical History, Charité Berlin. April 2014

"Digitale Schönheit: Avatare, Geschlechterideale und das Uncanny Valley". Invited Lecture at Museum for Communication, Berlin. Januar 2014

"Medical Narratives of Children's Cranial Deformation". Paper at international conference Imperfect Children, University of Leicester. September 2013

"Von der Phrenologie zur digitalen Cranioplastie". Invited Lecture at Gender-Ringvorlesung Bodies of Knowledge, HU-Berlin. February 2013

"Feeling Other People's Pain between 1750 and 1860: Aesthetics Politics Biopower". Lecture at international conference Empathy: a neurobiological concept and its cultural and conceptual history, ZfL Berlin. January 2013

"Cranial Deformity: Intersections of Race and Disability in 19th Century German Medicine". Lecture at international conference Culture meets Surgery: Images, Models, and Interpretations of the Human Skull, ZfL Berlin. November 2012

"Looking at Scars in the 19th Century". Paper at interdisciplinary workshop Gender, Race and Violence in Photographs – Images and After-Images, University of Virginia. April 2012

"Boys Culture Goes to Washington: Male Hysteria in the 1930s". Talk at JFK-Institute for American Studies, FU Berlin. Feb 2012

"Militär, Mitleid und Weiblichkeit in Zeiten des Terrors". Dissertation Defense-Lecture, Humboldt University Berlin. July 2011

"Schmerz und Abolitionismus". Invited Lecture at Workshop Körper: Normalisierungsprozess und Widerstand, organized by Leena Eckert, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. January 2011

"Sklavenfotografie und Abolitionismus. Sentimentalität und die Erfassung von 'Black Suffering' im Amerika des 19. Jahrhunderts". Paper at international workshop Zwischen Konstruktion und Destruktion: Fotografische Ordnungen von Menschenbildern, Institute of Art History, FU Berlin. November 2009

"Carving Flesh". Guest lecture at American Studies Dept, University of Bremen. Juli 2009

"Master(ing) Pain: Contexts for a History of Pain and Subjection". Guest lecture at Department for German Studies, University of Virginia, USA. October 2008

“Transformationen von Geschlecht in künstlerischen Diskursen: Mischen, Anhalten, Aushalten. Jürgen Klauke und Orlan”. Together with Sabrina Kühn. Lecture at Ringvorlesung Gender Studies, WS 2007/08, Humboldt University Berlin. 2008

“Körperliche Ausnahmezustände und Subjektproduktion”. Paper presented at KCTOS-Conference, Section “Ausnahmezustände in wissensgeschichtlicher Perspektive”, Vienna, Austria. 2007

“From American Exceptionalism to United States of Exception”. Paper at Transnational American Studies Summer School, UC Dublin, Ireland. 2007

“Eine fröhliche Chirurgie? Zu Technologie und Geschlecht in Orlans Reincarnation de Sainte Orlan”. Invited lecture at American Studies Institute, Graz, Austria. 2007

“The Corporeality of Gender Inscription”. Paper presented at European Association of Study of Science and Technology (EASST) Annual Conference, Lausanne, Switzerland. 2006

“Crack Music: The Uses and Abuses of Drug Metaphors in HipHop Cinema”. Invited lecture at Conference Drugs in the Americas, University of Erlangen. 2006

“Gender Inscription as Spectacle: The Swan”. Paper presented at Annual PCA/ACA Conference, Albuquerque, USA. 2006

“Evidence and Non-Events: Performance Art and Reality TV”. Paper presented at the Conference Capturing the... Truth? Changing Practices of the Documentary at Humboldt University Berlin. 2005

“White Rap and Counterculture”. Guest lecture at Research Colloquium Literature-Culture, JFK-Institute at the FU Berlin. 2004

Monographs / Monografien

American Dolorologies: Pain, Sentimentality, Biopolitics. SUNY Press, Albany 2014.

Articles / Aufsätze

"Deformities, Essences, and Potentials: Cranial Knowledge, Children’s Heads and the Racialization of Disability", Medical History. Forthcoming 2017 (peer reviewed)

"How do you live? From Construction to Habitation". Debate-Essay on the Cultural Studies blog criticalhabitations.com. Curated by Elahe Haschemi Yekani, Anja Schwarz, Alexander Dunst.

"Digitale Schönheit – Avatare, Geschlechterideale und das Uncanny Valley". Sexuologie, Special Issue: Transformations of the Sexual, Vol. 21, Nr. 3/4, 2014.

"Straight Screen: Begradigungsarbeit am iPhone". In: Feministische Studien, Nr. 2, Special Issue: The Queerness of Things not Queer, 2012: 228-244. (peer reviewed)

“Geschlecht als Gewinn: Zum Spektakel der Normierung in The Swan”. In: Plurale. Heft 5: Gewinn. Eds. Mirjam Goller et al. Berlin 2005.

“Rap and Death”. In: testcard: Beiträge zur Popgeschichte. #14. Ed. Martin Büsser†. Berlin 2005.

Book Chapters / Buchkapitel:

"Torture, Empathy, Democracy, and Torture again". In: Empathy: a Neurobiological Concept and its Cultural History. Eds. Sigrid Weigel and Vanessa Lux. Forthcoming 2016.

"Structuralism/Deconstruction". Entry in Approaches to American Cultural Studies. Eds. Eva Boesenberg, Martin Klepper and Antje Dallmann. London: Routledge 2016.

"Visceral (Auto)biographies: Pain, Plastic Surgery, and Gender". In: Embodied Politics in Visual Autobiography. Eds. Sarah Brophy and Janice Hladki. University of Toronto Press, 2014. (peer reviewed)

"Jesus". Entry in What Can a Body Do? Praktiken und Figurationen des Körpers in den Kulturwissenschaften. Eds. Körpernetzwerk et al. Frankfurt/New York: Campus Verlag, 2012.

"Schmerz in Photographien von Ex-Sklaven um 1863". In: Um/Ordnungen: Fotografische Ordnungen von Menschenbildern. Eds. Klaus Krüger, Matthias Weiß and Leena Crasemann. München: Wilhelm Fink Verlag, 2010

"Vorher Nachher: Zur Erzählbarkeit des kosmetischen Selbst". In: Schön normal – Sozial- und Kulturwissenschaftliche Perspektiven auf somatische Selbsttechnologien. Ed. Paula Villa. Transkript. 2008.

“Respect and Repression: German Rap Music as Cultural Translation”. In: American Music in a Transcultural Perspective – A Fresh Look at Blues, Country, Folk, Jazz, Rap, Rock. Special Edition of Amerikastudien / American Studies. Eds. Wilfried Raussert and John Miller Jones. Heidelberg 2008.

“Erlösendes Make-Up: Männlichkeit, Medialität und Mel Gibsons Passion of the Christ”. In: Erlöser – Figurationen männlicher Herrschaft. Eds. Sven Glawion, Jana Husmann-Kastein, Elahe Haschemi Yekani. Bielefeld 2007.

Translations / Übersetzungen

Rey Chow. "Menschlich im Zeitalter der Wegwerfmenschen". In: Kritik des Okzidentalismus. Eds. Gabriele Dietze und Claudia Brunner. Bielefeld 2009.

Beth Bjorklund. "Wie hört man auf ? Schlüsse in Mayröckers Prosa". In: Buchstabendelirien - Zur Literatur Friederike Mayröckers. Ed. Alexandra Strohmaier. Bielefeld 2009.