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Prof. Dr. Julia Püschel's Research Projects

Julia Püschel is an applied economist and her research focuses on long-term, structural socio-economic trends. She has extensive regional expertise in Europe, the United States, and China. Julia’s dissertation has provided new evidence to deepen the understanding of the determinants and wage effects of U.S. service offshoring. Her work accounts for channels that have only recently been explored theoretically in labor economics and in international trade and that are based on more nuanced concepts of labor than traditional approaches. The findings shed doubt on the prediction that the spread of information and communication technologies will automatically lead to an increasingly flat world for the trade flows of services. Traditionally, international trade economists have seen the fortunes of workers as tied to their skill levels. The findings of Julia’s work indicate that these predictions need to be refined and that, next to the workers’ skill levels, the task content of occupations shapes the labor market effects of offshoring.

Julia’s recent projects explore and analyze the ways in which digitalization transforms our societies and what these changes imply on a socio-economic and political level - in Europe, the United States and China. With the beginning of the 21st century, we are witnessing a fundamental change in the way we produce, which will significantly alter our lives, most directly through the way we work.


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