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News from Oct 21, 2020

DAAD Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst  German Academic Exchange Service 

John F. Kennedy Memorial Fellowship for visiting post-doctoral Fellows  at the Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies, Harvard University  

The John F. Kennedy Memorial Fellowship, based at the Minda de Gunzburg Center for  European Studies (CES) at Harvard University, was endowed in 1966 by the German Federal  Government and German industry. Up to three Fellowships are granted each spring for  residential research between September and June (10 months). Final selection is made by CES.  

Please consult https://ces.fas.harvard.edu/ for more information on the Center for European Studies.  Please consult https://ces.fas.harvard.edu/page/german_studies for information on current J.F. Kennedy  Memorial Fellows.  


Since its establishment in 1966, the John F. Kennedy Fellowship has been extended on a  competitive basis to post-doctoral German scholars in the process of writing the Habilitation or an  equivalent research work. Applicants should indicate the preference of Harvard University for their  research projects. Fellows are expected to participate in the activities and programs of CES, and to  interact with faculty, Fellows, graduate students and staff. Applicants should be working on topics  focusing on Europe, transatlantic issues and/or the United States.  

Eligibility Requirements  

- German citizenship  

- Applicants must have completed all requirements for the doctorate and be in possession of the  degree at the time of application  

- Applicants must have completed their doctorate no more than 7 years prior to the application  and may not hold a full professorship (W3 in the German case)  

- Graduate of a German university (or a diploma equivalent to finishing a German university)  - Excellent command of English  

- Graduates of Harvard College and Harvard University or recipients of residential fellowships are  eligible to apply after seven years  

- Applicants who are currently living in the United States are not eligible  

- Preference is given to applicants who intend to have academic careers in Germany  

Fields of Research  

 - Political Science  

 - Contemporary History  

 - Sociology  

 - Political Economy  

- Economics  

- Anthropology and other Social Sciences  

**Duration of Fellowship Program  

September 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022 (10 months)  

**Fellowship Amount  

- $60,000 for 10 months  

- $5,000 for each accompanying child (up to 3 children) for the entire duration of the program. For   each child under the age of two, an additional $1,200/month will be given for day care, and for   children ages two to five an additional $900/month will be given. Fellows must submit daycare   provider receipts before payments will be made.  

- The stipend amount will be paid monthly over a period of ten months. An extension to stay at the  Center for up to two months is possible, but additional payments will not be provided. Fellowships  are not extended to candidates who are unable to be in residence for more than ten months.  

- Up to $1,500 for travel costs related to research or participation in conferences   

- Roundtrip travel costs for the fellowship recipient and accompanying family members up to a  maximum amount (covered by DAAD)  

- Health insurance, accident and liability insurance (covered by DAAD) for the Fellow and family   members  

- Reimbursement for Fellow’s partner or spouse for up to 4 courses for credit at the Harvard   Extension School. The web address is: http://www.extension.harvard.edu/ 

- CES has arranged with the American Council on Germany for Kennedy Fellows to give public   lectures to a few of their chapters in different American cities. The cost of the Fellow’s trip is paid,   and Fellows are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity.  


- Each Kennedy Fellow will have a desk in an office at CES, sharing with one other visiting scholar  

- Fellows have access to telephone, fax, internet, email, printing, copying, and a library.   Each Fellow’s office is equipped with a computer and direct access to the internet.  

- Fellows may audit lectures and seminars within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and other selected   faculties within the university. Fellows are required to attend the weekly Visiting Scholars Lunch Seminar at   CES to present and give feedback on work-in-progress and are expected to be actively engaged in the   intellectual life of the Center.  

- There are no special housing facilities for the Kennedy Fellows.  

**Please note:  

The duration, funding and facilities terms of the Fellowship are contingent upon the full resumption of  Harvard University activities in the 2021-2022 academic year, many of which have been paused due to the  COVID-19 public health pandemic.  

Selection Process  

DAAD will invite selected candidates (finalists) for interviews (in English) - this is expected to  take place in February 2021. Final decisions will be made by CES at Harvard University.  

Application Deadline  

October 30, 2020  

Application Forms  


The following application materials must be submitted to DAAD by October 30, 2020.  

- DAAD application  

- Curriculum vitae (in English)  

- Research Proposal, 8 to 10 pages (in English)  

- two letters of reference from professor-rank scholars working in the same discipline (the letters  should thoroughly discuss the applicant’s professional qualifications and research proposal). The  applicant must submit the letters in sealed envelopes, or the referee can send them directly to  DAAD, Section ST23, Kennedyallee 50, 53175 Bonn.  

- DAAD–certification of the applicant’s knowledge of English or TOEFL  

- Copy of academic degrees (for example B.A., M.A., Diplom, Ph.D.)  

Late or incomplete applications will not be considered. Please understand that DAAD cannot provide  detailed information about the selection process. 

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