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JFKI fellow Františka Zezuláková Schormová wins The Vilém Mathesius Awards for the best MA Thesis at Charles University Prague

News from Jun 06, 2017

The Vilém Mathesius Awards for the best MA and BA theses are awarded every year to excellent theses by students of English and American Studies at Charles University Prague. "Us and Them: Presenting America 1948-1956" explored the journeys of works of US authors across the political, national, and linguistic borders to Czechoslovakia during early Cold War. The aim was to demonstrate how looking at the Eastern side of the Iron Curtain helps not only to fill the empty spaces on the map of the American literary Left, but it also offers impulses for reconsiderations of the ways we look back at the 1950s.
Thanks to a scholarship from KAAD, the majority of research for the thesis has been done at the library of John F. Kennedy Institute and both the materials found there and the new impulses from meeting with students and lecturers at the institute were invaluable for the project. 
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