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Josh Navon

Josh Navon


Lanstraße 7-9
14195 Berlin

Joshua is a PhD candidate in Historical Musicology at Columbia University. As a visiting DAAD scholar in the History Department at the JFK Institute during the 2017-2018 academic year, he will be undertaking archival research for his dissertation “The Making of Modern Musical Expertise: German Conservatories and Music Education, 1843-1914.

Josh’s research interests are focused on various aspects of musical culture in nineteenth-century Europe and the United States. His dissertation project, advised by Prof. Walter Frisch, explores the emergence of elite music-educational institutions in the middle and latter decades of the nineteenth century in Germany. Drawing heavily from perspectives developed in the history of science, the sociology of culture, and the sociology of expertise, it assesses how the emergence of music conservatories and Musikwissenschaft in German universities affected not only the ways that musicians and music scholars were trained, but also the kinds of knowledge and practice cultivated within communities of art musicians."