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David Huyssen

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Visiting Scholar

David Huyssen is a Senior Lecturer in Modern U.S. History at the University of York in England, Contributing Editor for the CUNY Grad Center's Gotham: A Blog for Scholars of New York City History, and author of Progressive Inequality (Harvard UP, 2014). He studied at Harvard, Columbia, Sciences Po, and Université de Paris VII before receiving his Ph.D. in History from Yale in 2011. David specializes in histories of political economy, inequality, and urban life (particularly that of New York). His commentary and writing have appeared for the Los Angeles Times, BBC News, Deutsche Welle radio, and Le Monde, and his research interests extend to all aspects of global capitalism from the 19th century to the present.

David has taught history at Yale, Wesleyan, the New School, NYU, and York. He was co-organizer of the 2018 international conference, "Revising the Geography of Modern World Histories" (URL: https://www.york.ac.uk/history/americas/conferences/revising-geography-modern-world-histories/), funded by a British Academy Rising Star Engagement Award and the Wellcome Trust. He has received awards and research funding from the Tobin Project for Democracy and Markets, the New-York Historical Society, The British Academy, and the Leverhulme Trust, among others, and is currently completing a history of Alfred Winslow Jones, the socialist inventor of the modern hedge fund. 

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