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Fees and Fines for Overdue and Lost Items

Starting November 1st 2017, fees and fines for overdue books will increase university-wide. With the raise of our fees and fines we adapt to the Berlin university standards, in particular those of the TU and the HU. The increase will be the first in over 20 years.

  1. Overdue Notification:   2,00 €  (per item)
  2. Overdue Notification:   5,00 €  (per item)
  3. Overdue Notification: 10,00 €  (per item)
  4. 'Leistungsbescheid':  20,00 €  (per library)

The 'Bearbeitungsgebühr' (processing fee) for each lost book will increase as well:

 10,00 €  (acquisition by the user)
 20,00 €  (acquisition by the library)

To avoid any fees, we recommend to read all your e-mails from our library system carefully and check your library account in Primo regularlyTogether with our collegues, we are still working on improvements. If you have any wishes, suggestions or criticism, please feel free to contact us: