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Library of Anglo-American Culture & History

FID Anglo-American Culture & History

FID Anglo-American Culture & History

Fachrepositorium The Stacks

Fachrepositorium The Stacks

FID Anglo-American Culture & History (FID AAC)

Specialised Information Service Anglo-American Culture: libaac.de

Project details

The Library of the John F. Kennedy Institute for North American Studies of the University Library of the FU Berlin, together with the Göttingen State and University Library, set up a Specialised Information Services (Fachinformationsdienst / FID) for the following disciplines:

  • English Studies / British and Irish Studies
  • Anglophone Postcolonial Studies
  • American Studies
  • Canadian Studies
  • Australian and New Zealand Studies

The project is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) as part of its „Specialised Information Services” programme and replaces the former „Special Subject Collections” focussing on Anglo-American culture and history. Its main goal is to develop infrastructures and services which improve access to specialist literature and information for all researchers in Germany. All activities are tailored to the specific needs of the respective research communities and the individual characteristics of the disciplines.

Main services:

  • On-demand acquisition and delivery of literature
  • Acquisition and licensing of specialised primary source materials and research literature (print and digital)
  • Acquisition and licensing of North American newspapers and comics (Library of the JFKI Berlin / University Library of the FU Berlin)
  • Digitization on demand
  • Subject repository for long-term preservation of digital publications: The Stacks
  • Consulting and support services for Open Access publishing
  • Coordination and implementation of cooperative licensing efforts for subject-specific databases and electronic resources within the research community
  • Developing strategies for the gradual digital transformation of library services and scholarly communication

Medea Seyder (Bibliothek der John-F.-Kennedy-Bibliothek der Universitätsbibliothek der FU Berlin)


Dorothea Schuller (SUB Göttingen)


You'll find more information concerning the project on the SUB Göttingen website and the Webis website.