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Teaching at the JFKI during the Winter Semester 2021/22

News from Sep 19, 2021

The JFKI will offer a significant portion of instruction during the winter semester 2021/22 in person. As a rule of thumb, meetings with more than 35 participants will be taught online, with the rest of courses taught either entirely in person or in a hybrid format. This winter semester is considered a transition semester, meaning that purely online teaching will continue to be offered in part, but the course offerings will not be provided entirely online. In other words, students do not have a legal right to online or hybrid teaching; the full range of courses will only be available to those who are willing to take advantage of the in-person courses. Instructors are however encouraged to make accommodation for students who are unable or unwilling to study in person, in the form of substitute for in-class participation (“Nachteilsausgleich”).

Important Guidance on Course Registration:
  • Due to the reduced seating capacity of the seminar rooms (ranging from 20-35 seats), the in-person & hybrid courses at the institute will have a cap on student enrollment. Spots will be allotted through the centralized Campus Management system via a lottery procedure that takes place on October 15th. More details can be found here (in German only) and through this YouTube tutorial or PDF (both in English).
  • After spots have been allotted, students may add or drop out of courses on Campus Management until November 5th. There is no waiting list for spots that open up in this way; therefore, students who wish to sign up after October 15th need to check Campus Management regularly to see if open spots become available. All students who wish to join a class but cannot sign up via Campus Management before the first session should reach out to the instructor who will attempt to resolve registration issues as soon as possible. 
  • IMPORTANT: Only students who are properly registered for in-person courses on Campus Management will be allowed to enter the room for the first session. This is to ensure that rooms are not filled beyond capacity. 
Read more info regarding instruction formats, implementation of the "3G rule", and classroom regulations here:

Information on Teaching at the JFKI during the Winter Term 2021/22

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