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The heart of the student life at the JFKI is located in the basement: the Caféte. Usually open from 12 am to 4pm (sometimes even later!), the Caféte is a non-commercial café, run by students, for students. Most of the activities at the JFKI are held at the Caféte and organized by the people who volunteer there. The Caféte, with its comfy sofas and couches, is the perfect place for relaxing between classes, meeting other people, and discussing things like your last visit to the Berghain or that awesome road trip on Highway 1 ('like, soooo amazing, dude...'). The Caféte offers tasty fair-trade coffee and tea, gourmet sandwiches and sweets and an eclectic mix of music chosen by those who cover the current shift.

Since the Caféte is run on a voluntary basis, we are always looking for people to cover a shift at the Caféte. Usually, two people cover a weekly two-hour shift; if you are interested, you can ask at the counter or write us at the Caféte Facebook page. Even if you are an Erasmus student or only at FU Berlin for a semester or two, we will gladly welcome you if you are willing to volunteer. At the beginning of the semester, the shift schedule is available for anyone to sign up for. Your commitment will be rewarded with free food and drinks during your shift and a restaurant visit with the rest of the staff at the end of the semester.