Student Govt. at FU

After several years without any JFKI student party participating in the elections to the student parliament (StuPa), the "FSI JFK - Kritische Nordamerikastudierende" (the student council of the JFKI) entered the elections in January 2006. The council won one seat in the Free University's StuPa with 68 votes, of which 50 were cast at the JFKI.

The detailed election results can be found on the website of the Free University's Electoral Commission (StudWV).

The student council and its student party both place great emphasis on the representation of the JFKI in the StuPa, which shall result in greater influence of the institute on university affairs.


What is the StuPa?

All students of the Free University can vote for the students' parliament. 60 representatives from across all faculties and institutes will then decide on the students' charter, the budget, and other fundamental issues. They will also vote one representative to the AStA (Free University Student Council) and on the composition of numerous commitees.