Student Govt. at JFKI

Student Representatives in the Institute Council

Students at the John F. Kennedy Institute (JFKI) are represented in the Institute Council with two members eligible to vote. The Institute Council sits in public conference three to five times during the semester. It is the most important official decision-making body at the institute level. With seven out of 13 seats, professors hold the majority of the votes in the Council. The remaining six seats are divided between two student representatives, two staff members and two other institute employees (such as secretaries, librarians, etc). The Institute Council decides on central issues such as changes in degree requirements, compilation of the curriculum including placement of teaching assignments as well as on personnel and technical equipment of the various divisions.

Elections for the Institute Council are held every two years. The last election took place on Jan 14, 2014. The representatives currently serving are:

  • Timur Ohloff (BA Class of 2015)
  • Clara Thumm (BA Class of 2016)

Deputy reprensentatives are:

  • Nicola Aleksander Kaufmann (BA Class of 2016)
  • Julian Kilchling (BA Class of 2017)
  • Marianne Nitschke (MA Class of 2016)
  • Lukas Schwemer (BA Class of 2016)

If students would like to see their concerns addressed officially, they should send an e-mail to their representatives ( who will then proceed to put these issues on the Council's agenda.