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Musical Performance

Winold Reiss and the German-American Music Scene between the Weimar Republic and the Jazz Age

American Academy in Berlin

Jens Barnieck, Pianist


Cyril Scott
Suite in the Old Style, op. 71, No. 1
Dane Rudhyar
Reaching Out
Salutation to the Depth
Tango D'Antan (Paris, 1914)
George Antheil
Jazz Sonata (1922)
Ferd "Jelly Roll" Morton
Tom Cat Blues (1924)
Frank Mehring
The Weary Blues (Langston Hughes, 1925)
Ferruccio Busoni
From: Indian Diary
Kurt Weill

Albumblatt fuer Erika (1937)

Aaron Copland
El Salon Mexico (1936)


John F. Kennedy Institute