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Projekte Prof. Dr. Julia Püschel

Projekte Prof. Dr. Julia Püschel

Julia’s recent projects explore and analyze the ways in which digitalization transforms our societies and what these changes imply on a socio-economic and political level - in Europe, the United States and China. With the beginning of the 21st century, we are witnessing a fundamental change in the way we produce, which will significantly alter our lives, most directly through the way we work. Computers and human beings are increasingly intertwined in ever more complex production processes. Over the last 30 years, computers have substituted for a number of jobs, ranging from manufacturing to the service sector. With the recent proliferation of digital data (‘big data’) and new tools of artificial intelligence (AI), the scope of what computers can do has expanded once again, profoundly reorganizing the economic structure and political arrangements of our society. These complex, overarching issues raise a series of related socio-economic questions that Julia is currently analyzing in several integrative research projects.


Relevante Forschungsprojekte:

TELBAI: Technical, Economic and Legal Analysis of Artificial Intelligence Methods for Re-training Biases enhancing Informational Self-Determination. With Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Maaß (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence), Prof. Pradeep Ravikumar (Carnegie Mellon University), Dr. Christian Djeffal (Alexander-von-Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society), and Dr. Leonel Aguilar Melgar (ETH Zürich). [Submitted Application for Volkswagen Foundation’s Full Grant Artificial Intelligence and the Society of the Future] 

State-business relations in the Field of Artificial Intelligence and its Implications for Society. A Comparative Study for Europe, the US and China. Coordination: Prof. Genia Kostka (Sinology, Freie Universität Berlin) [Application for Volkswagen Foundation’s Planning Grant Artificial Intelligence and the Society of the Future] 


Relevante Workshops und Kursangebote:

10/2019 Digitalisierung und AI – Chancen für den ländlichen Raum? Helmstedtkurs, Workshop in Cooperation with Academia Julia e.V., Helmstedt/Germany [Organizer; Planned]

Digitalization and the Future of Work. Interdisciplinary Workshop at the DGfA Annual Meeting 2017. Hannover June 2017 

Man-Machine: Work 4.0. Interdisciplinary MA course. Winter term 2017/18


Püschel, J. (forthcoming). Recursions towards the Local: Will the Smart Economy Compress Regional Disparities? In B. Vormann & C. Lammert (Eds.). Contours of the Illiberal State - Governing Circulation in the Smart Economy. Frankfurt, New York: Campus Verlag, Schriftenreihe Nordamerika.