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Histories of Migrant Knowledges in and across the Transpacific

News vom 18.09.2018

The Forum Transregionale Studien and the Max Weber Stiftung – German Humanities Institutes
Abroad in cooperation with the Pacific Regional Office of the German Historical Institute Washington
DC (GHI West) at UC Berkeley, The Maria Sibylla Merian Center for Advanced Latin American
Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences (CALAS), and the Institute of European Studies, UC
Berkeley, invite scholars with an interest in history from all fields, including history, literary studies,
geography, environmental humanities, sociology, political science, anthropology, ethnic studies,
economics, or legal studies to apply to attend a Transregional Academy that will be convened from
May 28 to June 4, 2019, at UC Berkeley on the theme of:

Histories of Migrant Knowledges in and across the Transpacific:
Agencies, Scales, Translations.

Application and Procedure
Travel, accommodation, as well as meals for the participants will be fully covered. The program
targets doctoral and postdoctoral researchers who wish to present their ongoing projects in both
a comparative perspective and in relation to the aforementioned themes and questions. The discussion
will take place in various formats, including project presentations, thematic workshops,
scholars in conversation, archival projects. The working language is English. The application should
likewise be in English and consist of:
— a curriculum vitae;
— an outline of the project (300 words max.) on which the applicant is currently working;
— a brief motivation letter that describes the relevance of one’s own research to the Academy’s topic;
— two suggested readings relevant to the Academy that you would like to discuss with other participants
(please provide bibliographical data only, no copies of the suggested readings are required);
— the names of two university faculty members who can serve as referees (no letters of recommendation
Deadline: October 25th, 2018.
Send your application by e-mail as one PDF file to academies@trafo-berlin.de.
Applicants will be notified whether they have been selected in December 2018. Successful applicants
will be asked to submit the draft of a research paper, draft chapter of their PhD or book
project, or the rationale and pictures of their artistic or performative work (6,000 words max.) to be
discussed at the event.
Steering Committee: Simone Lässig (Professor of Contemporary History, Braunschweig, Director
of the German Historical Institute Washington DC); Andrea Westermann (Historian of Science,
Technology, and the Environment, Head of Office of GHI West); Juliane Braun (Assistant Professor
of English, Auburn University), Olaf Kaltmeier (Professor of Iberoamerican History, Bielefeld
and Founding Director of the CALAS Merian Centre, Guadalajara); Akasemi Newsome, (Associate
Director of the Institute of European Studies, UC Berkeley); Ryan Jones (Associate Professor of
History, University of Oregon); Katerina Teaiwa (Associate Professor of Pacific Studies, Australian
National University).
Contact: academies@trafo-berlin.de

For more information please visit: www.forum-transregionale-studien.de

Or view the full Call for Applications pdf at:


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