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History Department at Villa Vigoni Workshop on 'Humanitarian Missions'



News vom 25.11.2019

From November 18-20, History Department members Prof. Gienow-Hecht, Prof. Kunkel, Sarah Epping, Max Klose and Leonie Werle participated in a three day workshop on "Humanitarian Missions": An Italian-German Conversation on Europe, the United States and the Global South since the 19th Century," organized by Prof. Kunkel together with Italian colleagues Ilaria Scaglia (Aston University Birmingham) and Silvia Salvatici (University of Milano). Bringing together historians of humanitarianism and development from Germany and Italy, the workshop addressed the trajectories of global humanitarian aid and development policies, linking papers on refugee aid and missionary humanitarianism to disaster assistance or urban development policies. Keynote speaker was Davide Rodogno.

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