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Tobias Klee

picture Tobias Klee

Doktorand, SCRIPTS Cluster

Edwin-Redslob-Straße 29
14195 Berlin


Summer Semester 2023:

Mondays between 3 and 4 pm (213)

Education and Work Experience

Since 2020: Doctoral Researcher, BGTS, Cluster of Excellence SCRIPTS

2019-2020: Universitat de Barcelona, M.A. Citizenship and Human Rights: Ethics and Politics

2017-2020 Universität Heidelberg, M.A. Global History

2014-2017: Universität Heidelberg, B.A. Geschichte

Academic Appointments and Scientific Outreach

2019: Universität Heidelberg, Dezernat Internationale Beziehungen, Lectureship

2017-2018: Student Assistant, Universität Heidelberg, Department of Eastern European History

My dissertation will contribute to the project “Gender, Borders, Memory“ (GBM). GBM, which is
part of the Research Unit Borders of the “Scripts Cluster of Excellence“, analyses the relationship
between gender, historical memory, and contestations of the liberal (border) script in the context of
the Catalan separatist movement.

The thesis will mainly investigate the development of the separatist movement throughout the last
century. For the moment, it will follow three main focuses. Firstly, the relationship betweent women
and the movement will be investigated. How were they represented in the discourses around
Catalan identity and autonomy? How did they shape this discourse? Secondly, it will look at how
Catalans tried to differentiate themselves from Spaniards, using issues of gender and gendered
descriptors. Lastly, it will be analysed, in how far the mixture between feminist discussions and
those surrounding Catalan identity might have contributed to the mass appeal the separatist
movement has nowadays.