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Anna Rauscher



Raum 213

Anna studied English and American literature and linguistics, German
literature, linguistics and medieval studies, and Slavic languages at
Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Oxford University and
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. She joined the department as a doctoral
candidate in October 2018.

Summer Semester 2021

BA Seminar

Music and Social Movements in the US, 1960-1990, Anna Rauscher, Mondays, 8:00-10:00

Project description:

Counterpointing “Quiet Diplomacy”. Classical Music, Human Rights and
Political Activism (1975-2000) (Working Title)

My dissertation focuses on articulations of emotional concern in reaction
to human rights issues in the last quarter of the last century. The goal
of the research project is to elucidate an alliance between classical
music and human rights advocacy in the US (1975-2000 appr.). Drawing on
recent positions concerning the history of emotions in American human
rights history and the political history of classical music in the US, the
dissertation seeks to explore ruptures and continuities in the emotional
repertory informing musical human rights activism before and after the end
of the Cold War. In my thesis I combine systematic analyses of conceptual
convergences within the discourse about human rights and classical music
and a diachronic investigation of the moral and emotional language used by
human rights advocates and non-state actors connected to the field of
classical music (e.g. orchestras, conductors and organizations
representing musicians’ interests). The thesis seeks to explain the
intentions and emotions that make musicians play their instruments for
human rights.

Key terms: history of emotions, history of human rights, musical
diplomacy, social history of classical music, music and emotion, history
of humanitarianism, history of ethics, media history, digital humanities/
digital archives, universality, harmony, practice, performance