Nathan Vanderpool

Lansstraße 5-9
14195 Berlin

Doctrinal Difference and the Common Good:

Interfaith Organizations in the United States


This project will examine positive responses to the new depth of religious diversity in the United States. The specific focus will be on the development of and changes in interfaith organizations over the course of the 20th and 21st centuries. The goals, strategies, and methods of interfaith organizations represent attempts to foster social integration among segregated religious groups. They offer an alternative to the assimilation, functional differentiation, and civil religion paradigms usually employed to explain the process of overcoming the social tensions associated with religious difference. A special focus will be placed on concepts of pluralism and their implications for the potential public face of American religion. This research will explore emerging visions of a positive future for the new religious diversity in America and the practical tools that are being developed to foster such visions.


Dahlem Research School
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft