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Formulare und Ressourcen

Activities & Clubs

Berlin Classic Card

Event Calendar (Studierendenwerk)

International Club

International Tutors (Studierendenwerk)

ISFU (Internationale Studierende FUB)

Residence Tutors (Studierendenwerk)

Tandem Partners

University Sports



Academic Calendar

Auditors (Neben- und Gasthörer) at FUB


Campuscard / Student ID

Campus Management (Course Booking System)

Course Catalogue


Leave of Absence

Student Administration Forms

Inclusion & Specific Needs

Dual Career & Family Service

Family Support and Day Care (Studierendenwerk)

General Student Council (AStA)

Maternity Leave

Office for Students with Disabilities

Services for Refugees

Gender and Diversity

AGENDA (List of FUB courses in Gender & Diversity)

Margherita von Brentano Center

Women's Advancement Funds

Equality Office JFKI

Equality Office FUB


Accommodation Office FUB

Student Housing (Studierendenwerk)

wg-gesucht.de (external search engine for shared apartments)

Language Center

English Language Department

German as a Foreign Language Department

Center for Independent Language Learning

Mental Health

Psychological Counseling (offered by Studierendenwerk)

Psychological Counseling (offered by FUB)



German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

Student Exchange

Direct Exchange

Erasmus FUB

FU Best

Student Jobs

Stellenanzeiger (jobs at FUB)

Stellenticket (job portal by FUB)

Stellenwerk (by Studierendenwerk Berlin)

Career Service (links to external job portals)

Study and Examination Office

De-Registration Form (to delete courses from Campus Management)

Examination Office

"Papierschein" (Course & Exam participation form)

Registration Form (to register courses on Campus Management)

Study Office

Online-Studienfachwahl-Assistent (OSA)