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Second Kennedy Debate: Anti-Americanism and the TTIP Protests

01.06.2016 | 18:00 - 20:00

Topic: Do Anti-Americanism and Critiques of Capitalism motivate the TTIP-Protests"

Kennedy Debates want to engage scholars, students, journalists and politicians in an inspiring discussion on current academic and political issues. For our second debate we invited scholars from inside and outside the institute: Brooke Williams, J.D., from the U.S. Embassy Berlin and Prof. Irwin Collier, Ph.D., from the Economics Department of the John F. Kennedy Institute will argue for the pro-side of our topic. On the contra-side, the event features Dr. Ulrike Guérot from the European Democracy Lab and Prof. Dr. Jessica Gienow-Hecht from the Department of History of the JFKi. As a student initiative we rely on your support. Before and after the discussion a short survey will take place indicting which discussant will have to deliver the more convincing arguments and who was more successful to prove his point. Of course, there will be time to ask questions, point out weak-spots, and include new insights. We are looking forward to an exciting debate.