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Course Credit Recognition

Students who want to receive credit points for their JFKI BA degree that were obtained at universities other than Freie Universität Berlin (e.g. during your studies abroad or earlier studies at a different university) have to follow the outlined procedure:

  1. Attend the office hours of Dr. David Bosold (Dean of Studies) on Wednesdays, 9-10am to receive the accreditation form. Please send a message to david.bosold@fu-berlin.de in case you are unable to attend the meeting on Wednesday morning.
  2. Submit the (i) completed digital accreditation form (using the format: "familyname_BA_Discipline.pdf"),  (ii) a scan of the transcript and course syllabi by the foreign/German university as well as (iii) a recent PDF-version of your Campus Management transcript to the Box.FU. Only faculty members in charge of the accreditation process have access to the Box.FU.

    If you encounter problems uploading the files to Box.FU, you can also send them via email to anrechnung@jfki.fu-berlin.de. Please note that accreditation requests submitted via email will create an additional delay of at least one week. 

A member of the department in which you seek credit signs the form to confirm that the content of the courses for which students earned credits at another institution can be considered equivalent to courses offered at the JFKI (“Testat”). Therefore, it is necessary to enclose additional documents such as transcripts or syllabi. Afterwards, all documents are signed by the Examination Committee, either by the head of the committee Prof. Dr. Curd Knüpfer or the deputy Prof. Dr. Sönke Kunkel. Afterwards, all documents are forwarded to the Office of Examination and Auditing (Prüfungsbüro) at the Department of Political and Social Sciences.

Please allow for up to four weeks upon the submission of your form(s) until the changes in Campus Management have been made.

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