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Richard Peña (Columbia University / Director Emeritus, New York Film Festival) "Faded Glory: African-American Cinema, 1915-1952"

Nov 22, 2018 | 04:00 PM s.t. - 06:30 PM
Richard Pena - Faded Glory

Richard Pena - Faded Glory

Richard Peña (Columbia University / Director Emeritus, New York Film Festival):

 "Faded Glory: African-American Cinema, 1915-1952"

Note: The event starts at 4 pm sharp and includes a film screening of about 60 minutes.

Richard Peña is a Professor of Film Studies at Columbia University,
where he specializes in film theory and international cinema. From 1988 to
2012, he was the Program Director of the Film Society of Lincoln Center
and the Director of the New York Film Festival. At the Film Society,
Richard Peña organized retrospectives of many film artists, including
Michelangelo Antonioni, Sacha Guitry, Abbas Kiarostami, King Hu, Robert
Aldrich, Roberto Gavaldon, Ritwik Ghatak, Kira Muratova, Fei Mu, Jean
Eustache, Youssef Chahine, Yasujiro Ozu, Carlos Saura and Amitabh
Bachchan, as well as major film series devoted to African, Israeli, Cuban,
Polish, Hungarian, Chinese, Arab, Korean, Swedish, Turkish, German,
Taiwanese and Argentine cinema. Together with Unifrance, he created in
1995 “Rendez-Vous with French Cinema,” the leading American showcase
for new French cinema. A frequent lecturer on film internationally, in 2014-
2015, he was a Visiting Professor in Brazilian Studies at Princeton, and in
2015-2016 a Visiting Professor in Film Studies at Harvard. In May, 2016, he
was the recipient of the “Cathedra Bergman” at the UNAM in Mexico City,
where he offered a three-part lecture series “On the Margins of American
Cinema,” and December, 2017, gave a course in “International Cinema After
1990” at Beijing University. He also currently hosts WNET/Channel 13’s
weekly Reel 13.

Time & Location

Nov 22, 2018 | 04:00 PM s.t. - 06:30 PM

Room 340