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Out Now: Kathleen Loock (ed.), LWU Special Issue on "Serial Narratives"

Kathleen Loock - Serial Narratives (LWU)

Kathleen Loock - Serial Narratives (LWU)

News from Dec 16, 2015

The latest issue of LWU: Literatur in Wissenschaft und Unterricht on the topic of “Serial Narratives” is out now. This special issue was edited by Kathleen Loock and explores narrative, cultural, and historical dimensions of serial narratives in an effort to come to terms with their changing forms and functions within the field of popular culture. Altogether thirteen essays from leading and emerging scholars in the fields of film and media studies, literary studies, cultural history, ethnography, and American studies address questions relating to the production and reception of serial narratives in the past and present. “Serial Narratives” aims to bring different, interdisciplinary perspectives to the analysis of serial narratives that will contribute to a deeper understanding of their forms and functions, and, more generally, to the ongoing research that is being done in seriality studies.

Table of Contents

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