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Ethan Ruby


PhD Candidate

Lansstraße 7-9
Raum 213
14195 Berlin


Since 2022: Freie Universität Berlin, Doctoral Researcher in History

2016-2019: Freie Universität Berlin, M.A. in North American Studies, focusing on History and Political Science. 

2012-2013: Pace University, M.S in Adolescent Teaching

2007-2011: Clark University and Marietta University, B.A in Government and International Relations

Professional Positions:

2019-2022: International American School of Warsaw, teacher of History and Geography

2017-2019: Freie Universität Berlin, Student Research Assistant in History Department

2014-2016: The New School, Teacher of History

2013-2014: Greenburgh Graham School, Teacher of History

Topic of PhD thesis: American nurses and other women humanitarians during the First World War, their stories and emotions. 

Sub-Topics of dissertation (focusing within the late 1800's to early 1920's): 

  • Women's History and Gender Norms
  • Emotion
  • Humanitarianism and  Humanity
  • Trauma