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How do I register/deregister for classes?

Registration and deregistration take place on Campus Management. All courses at the politics department have limited capacity, so you will only be able to see whether you have received a spot after April 14, 2022. If you have not received a spot in a class that you would still like to attend, contact the respective lecturer directly. See here for more in-depth information.

You can still register or deregister for courses on Campus Management until May 6, 2022. Afterwards, you must contact the Study and Examination Offices at the Department of Political and Social Sciences (studienbuero@polsoz.fu-berlin.de) for help. To register manually, please fill out this form. To deregister from a course, please fill out this form.

For Erasmus students and other people needing a course & exam participation form (Papierschein), please consult your lecturer.