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The research colloquium program of the literature and culture departments is now available.

News from Apr 12, 2023

Click here to download the PDF program.

Perspectives on American Literature and Culture 2023

Research Colloquium of the Literature and Culture Departments

John F. Kennedy Institute for North American Studies


Wednesdays 6pm (c.t.) in room 201 unless specified otherwise*


19 April 2023

Scott Zukowski (Universität Graz)

"Freedom’s Journal and and the Intermedial Power of Early Black Periodicals”


26 April 2023

Mahshid Mayar (Universität zu Köln)

“The World in Pieces: Home, Empire, and Childhood in the 1890s”


5 May 2023  

Iryna Yakovenko (Borys-Grinchenko-Universität Kyiv)

“Chornobyl and the Exclusion Zone as a Lived Experience and a Trope in American Literature: From Nonfiction to Thrillers”


10 May 2023

Ruth Mayer (Leibniz Universität Hannover)

“The Original Flapper is a Copy: Modernist Periodicals, Serial Circulation and the Modern Girl Multiplied”


17 May 2023

Winfried Fluck (Freie Universität Berlin)

“Critical Theories, Populist Utopias, and Unforeseen Developments: Changing Narratives about the Mass Media in American Studies”


24 May 20223

Richard Peña (Columbia University)

“Brave New World: Yiddish Cinema in America”


31 May 2023  

Alexandra Ganser (Universität Wien)

“Thinking Astrofuturism with Jacques Lacan and Hannah Arendt”

* EXTRA SESSION Tuesday, June 6, 2-4 pm c.t., room 319

Susan Bernofsky (August-Wilhelm-von-Schlegel-Gastprofessorin für Poetik, FU Berlin)

“Mine or Yours? Literary Translation as Creative Writing in the U.S.-American Context”

7 June 2023

Joel Pfister (Wesleyan University)

“Partners in Crime: American Movies, Systemic Complicity, and the Big Picture”


14 June 2023

Nattie Golubov (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)

“The Pleasures of Reading Popular Romance Fiction”

* EXTRA SESSION Tuesday, June 20, 2-4 pm c.t., room 319

Lara Langer Cohen (Swarthmore College)

“The Underground Railroad’s Undergrounds”


21 June 2023

No session


28 June 2023

Julia Rosenbaum (Bard College/ Terra Foundation Visiting Professor 2023)

“What Means This Carnage?”: Civil War Soldiers’ Bodies and the Army Medical Museum


5 July 2023

Katrin Horn (Universität Bayreuth)

“Bad Manners, Good Business: Society Columns in the Late Nineteenth Century”

12 July 2023 

Gabriele Schwab (University of California, Irvine)

“Transspecies Imaginaries”

19 July 2023 

Jesse Schwartz (City University New York)

“The Bolshevik Revolution, Racial Socialism, and US Print Culture, 1886-1924”

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