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Prof. Dr. Michael Hoenisch (a. D.)

Prof. Dr. Michael Hoenisch

Department of Literature


Lansstraße 7-9
Room 202
14195 Berlin
+49 30 838-52641

Office hours

Wednesday, 3:30-4-30 pm

 (room 202) or send an e-mail.

Curriculum Vitae

Professor, North American Literature, since 1971

Guest professor and visiting scholar at universities in the U.S.A, in Canada, in the Caribbean and in Europe

Kennedy Institute coordinator for European university contacts

Board member of the Society for Caribbean Research (SOCARE)


Research and Teaching

American literature, 19th and 20th century

Afro-American literature

Literature of minorities and subcultures

Anglophone Caribbean literature

American documentary film


Selected recent Publications

Die Repräsentation sozialer Konflikte im amerikanischen Dokumentarfilm. Hg. Trier: WVT, 1996.             .

"History is the Theme of All My Films: Geschichtskonstruktionen in Emile de Antonios In the Year of the Pig (1969) und Barbara Kopples Harlan County, USA (1976)", in: Die Repräsentation sozialer Konflikte  im Dokumentarfilm der USA  (1996), 235-266.

"Creolization in Anglophone Caribbean Literature", in: Crossing Borders: Inner- and Intercultural Exchanges in a Multicultural Society, ed. Heinz Ickstadt (1997), 93-101.

"Rastafari – Black Decolonization", in: The Meaning of Race for the 21st Century, ed. Paola Boi and Sabine Broeck (2002), 139-148.

"E pluribus unum? Ethnicity and Migrant Cultures in the U.S.A. », in : Amerikanismus/Americanism/Weill: Die Suche nach kultureller Identität in der Moderne, hg. Hermann Danusser und Hermann Gottschewski (2003), 37- 48.

"Erna Brodber: Postcolonial Constructions of ‚the People'", in: Anglo-American Awareness: Arpeggios in Aesthetics, hg. Gisela Hermann-Brennecke und Wolf Kindermann (2005), 87-100.

"Rastafari and Erna Brodber's Black Space: Symbolic Strategies", in: Rastafari: A Universal Philosophy in the Third Millennium, hg. Werner Zips (2006), 59-71; deutsche Übersetzung in: Rastafari: Eine universelle Philosophie im 3. Jahrtausend, hg. Werner Zips (2007), 95-108.

"Versions of 'the Real': in American Documentary Film: Flaherty, Leacock, Michael Moore", erscheint in einem Sammelband.

"Caribbean Carnival (Anglophone), (Post-)Colonial Contexts and the People'", erscheint in einem Sammelband.

"Postwar Reconstruction and the Representation of the Law: Documentary Film About the Nuremberg Trials", in XVth and XVIth Russian-American Seminars (St. Petersburg, 2007), 262-67.