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North American Studies Course Catalog (Summer Semester 2023)

Courses at the Politics Department: Summer Semester 2023

Bachelor Program


32000 Understanding North America (UNA B)

Christian Lammert/Sebastian Kohl/Julia Püschel

FRI: 10-12, 14-16, room 340


Disziplinäres Orientierungsmodul

15074 The Quality of Democracy. The United States in Comparative Perspective (SE/PS)

Christian Lammert

THU: 12-14, room 319


Vertiefungsmodul A: Policies and Politics

Not offered this term


Vertiefungsmodul B: State and Civil Society

32501 Political Communication in the US- An Introduction (VS/SE)

Curd Knüpfer

WED: 10-12, room 340


15242 The US and the UN (VS/SE)

Lora Anne Viola

TUE: 10-12, room 319


32506 The Radicalization of the GOP (VS/SE)

Thomas Greven

TUE: 18-20, room 340


In cooperation with the Institute for Media and Communication Studies:

28564a Empirical Communication Research (SE)

Barbara Pfetsch

TUE:12-14, Garystr. 55/302a Seminarraum



32503 Project Worksop Social Sciences

WED: 8:30-10:00, room 340

David Bosold


32502 B.A. Colloquium Politics/Sociology/Economics/History

Lora Anne Viola

MON: 10-12, room 203


Master Program


Module A: Theories and Methods in Political Science

32514 Analyzing Right-Wing Media Content (HS/SE)

Curd Knüpfer

WED: 18-20, room 319


Module B: Institutions, Actors and Processes

15483 The Politics of Redistribution in the US (HS, SE, also module C)

Christian Lammert

Thu: 10-12, room 340


32511 U.S. Philanthropic Foundations in the Americas: (Social) Sciences, Development Aid, Global Health and Human Rights (HS/SE)

Àlvaro Morcillo Laiz

WED: 14-16, room 201


Module C: Politics and Policies

32512 Multilaterialism in Canadian Foreign Policy (HS/SE)

David Bosold

TUE: 8:30-10, room 340


15494 International Organizations in Times of Crisis (HS/SE. also module B)

Lora Anne Viola

TUE: 12-14, room 340


32513 Postcolonial Perspective on American IR (HS/SE)

Anam Soomro

(THU: 04/20, 05/04, 06/01, 06/15, 06/29, 07/13, 2pm-6pm), Villa Seminarraum 2


32515 M.A. Colloquium Political Science

Lora Anne Viola

MON: 12-14, room 203


Interdisciplinary Studies

32413 Independence Movements and Conflicts in North America - the US and Canada in Comparison

David Bosold/Sebastian Jobs

MON: 10-12, Room 340




32620 Social Science Research Colloquium

Christian Lammert/Sebastian Kohl,

TUE:18-20, room 319

B.A. Program

All B.A. Students are required to take Understanding North America (UNA) as part of their studies.




UNA A (History, Culture, Literature)


UNA B (Politics, Economics, Sociology)


The following B.A modules are offered by the politics department:


Orientation Module

Advanced Module A (Vertiefungsmodul)

Policies and Politics

Advanced Module B (Vertiefungsmodul)

State and Civil Society



Seminar & Vertiefungsseminar





Seminar & Vertiefungsseminar


The following M.A. modules are offered by the politics department:


Module A

Theories and Methods in Political Science

Module B

Institutions, Actors and Processes

Module C

Politics and Policies


Hauptseminar + Seminar





Hauptseminar + Seminar

Hauptseminar + Seminar


B.A. Modules in North American Studies, Dept. of Political Science (2014-2019)

M.A. Modules in North American Studies, Dept. of Political Science (2014-2019)

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