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Fraenkel Sculpture

Fraenkel Sculpture

The John F. Kennedy Institute is renowned for its innovative interdisciplinary research as well as its rigorous study programs. Founded in 1963 by the political scientist Ernst Fraenkel, the institute is dedicated to the study of the United States and Canada in all its facets. The six disciplines brought together at the institute, the numerous scholarships and exchange programs which it sponsors in addition to its world class research library create a unique academic environment. Disciplinary diversity and in-depth intellectual inquiry lay the foundation for excellence in research and teaching.

Over 700 students are currently enrolled at the institute and participating in the programs offered by the six different disciplines which the John F. Kennedy Institute brings together: Culture, Literature, History, Political Science, Sociology and Economics. Courses are held in both English and German. In addition to providing students with rigorous training in individual disciplines, interdisciplinary courses pursue questions which transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries. 

The John F. Kennedy Institute currently offers the following degrees programs. Due to the harmonization of academic degree programs laid out by the Bologna Treaty, not all programs are open to new students.

  • Master in North American Studies
  • Bachelor in North American Studies
  • Magister in North American Studies
  • Magister in English (linguistics)
  • Staatsexamen (teacher training) in English
  • Staatsexamen (teacher training) in History and Magister in Contemporary History
  • Staatsexamen (teacher training) and Diplom in Political Science
  • Diplom in Sociology
  • Diplom in Theory of Economics, Politics of Economics and History of Economics

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