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No-contact lending service for FU students and academics

  • We are open for members of the Freie Universitaet, but only for picking up (or returning) books ordered prior via Primo! The library remains closed. You can find the current circulation desk next to the entrance of the library.
  • The new circulation desk will be open Monday to Fr from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.
  • Only FU students and academics can order books via Primo from the JFKI library.
  • After you ordered books via Primo, please wait until you receive the pick-up notification sent to you via email before coming to the library to collect your books.
  • If you have to pay a fine for overdue books, please use the “Kassenautomaten” (https://www.fu-berlin.de/sites/ub/service/abisz/kassenautomat.html), we cannot accept cash at the moment or use the possibility of the transfer of reminder fees.
  • Please cover nose and mouth when you approach the new circulation desk!
  • Please keep your distance to other people in line.
  • Don’t forget to bring your library card when you come to collect your books.

What happens to media/books that have already been borrowed or are located in the trolleys?

  • Your lending period was automatically extended and you don’t have to return the books immediately on our first opening day - unless they are reserved for somebody else.
  • Please try to renew the media/books yourself via Primo.
  • Media in the trolleys can be returned or provided at the temporary circulation desk by prior arrangement via the e-mail address library@jfki.fu-berlin.de.