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The library occasionally organizes exhibitions based on different topics, often in collaboration with the JFK-Institute. Furthermore the library presents a monthly changing selection of books of its new acquisitions.

Resilient Colors

After documenting the Great Depression in rural America during the 1930s some of the Farm Security Administration’s (FSA) photographers at the end of the decade embarked on an “experiment”: using color films. The John-F.-Kennedy-Institute of North American Studies presents example photos.

Workspace Canada

With the exhibition "WorkSpace Canada", the John-F.-Kennedy-Institute for North American Studies introduces an extract from a project of the same title by Berlin based photographer Martin Weinhold. The work of portraits that was initiated in 2006 represents the effort of a visual inventory of work and life schemes in Canada at the beginning of the 21st century.

John F. Kennedy 100

On the occasion of John F. Kennedy's 100th birthday the library presented photos of Kennedy and his family. Rare pictures of his youthful days as well as official press releases of his presidential years paint an intimate portrait of the assassinated president.

American Family Portraits

The JFKI library presented photographs of two American families from 1945-1970. This era was marked by the outstanding success of the “Kodachrome” transparency film which made color images available to the wider population at relatively low cost.

Audre Lorde – The Berlin Years

The exhibition „Audre Lorde – The Berlin Years“ showed portraits made by Dagmar Schultz, primarily taken in Berlin of places that were important to her. They illustrate private moments as well as Lorde’s commitment for Afro-German women.

Past Exhibitions

A chronological overview over the past exhibitions.