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North American TV series and film collection (FID AAC)

DVD Reading Room

DVD Reading Room

With more than 3.300 movies and tv series the Library of the John F. Kennedy Institute is home to the most extensive special collection of North American motion pictures in Germany. Since the 1980s important movies and documentaries from and about the United States and Canada have been collected. Starting in 2013 the collection has been complemented with television series.

Together with other popular primary sources as comics, magazines or newspapers, the movies and tv series are a regular source for research at the John F. Kennedy Institute. They are used for teaching in all disciplines that are represented at the institute.

The DVDs are available for borrowing or can be watched in our media room.

The tv series collection is also part of the project Specialized information service Anglo-American Culture.



  • Original videos on VHS tape (PAL and NTSC formats)
  • Original videos on DVD (regional codes 1 and 2, exclusively used for new acquisitions since 2004)
  • TV recordings on VHS tape (identifiable by call numbers starting with Z)


Searching the Collection

Video Databases


Using the Collection

  • Loan period for DVDs: 4 weeks 
  • Original VHS tapes and TV recordings are kept in the closed stacks and may be ordered via "Primo" (in-house use only).
  • Browse empty DVD covers in reading room 1 and obtain the discs at the circulation desk.
  • In the library's screening room, all formats and regional codes can be played. The room may be booked at the circulation desk.