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Teaching formats at the JFKI in the Winter Term 2020/21

News from Sep 23, 2020

Based on Freie Universität's plan to partially resume on-campus teaching in the winter term (cf. “Planungsansatz für Studium und Lehre im WiSe 2020/2021”, released June 5, 2020), the Institute will offer approx. a third of its courses on campus and the remaining two-thirds in various online formats. A detailed hygiene plan serving as a framework for the on campus presence of students is currently being approved and will be published shortly.

Courses will be held in the following four teaching formats:

1 - asynchronous online teaching (e.g. recorded lecture);

2 - synchronous online teaching (e.g. live seminar via WebEx at designated time);

3 - synchronous online teaching with some on-campus sessions (optional);

4 - seminars planned for on-campus teaching (which may move online based on the epidemiological situation)

A list of all courses in the winter term including details on the mode of instruction in Excel format can be found here.
In addition, overviews in PDF format are available based on the day of instruction and the respective department/discipline.

The binding information on the course format and course time is available in the course catalogue. Please consult the catalogue frequently in the coming weeks to find out about any updates or modifications to your preferred courses. You should find all relevant details in the blurbs for each course. We have also asked instructors to make syllabi available on Blackboard so that you can learn more about the course content before course booking begins on Campus Management in October.

For more general information, please regularly check the official FU Coronavirus info page.

The Digital Code of Conduct for all remote course offerings is available here.

Graduating students should stay up to date with the current procedures regarding BA and MA theses posted on the website of the Prüfungsbüro.

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