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JFKInterviews - Session #2 - Hans Jürgen Hoyer

May 26, 2021 | 06:00 PM s.t. - 07:30 PM


Do you wonder about the future occasionally (or all the time), pondering what to do once you have your degree in NAS? Then fret not, my angst-ridden millennial friends, for the students have decided to take matters into their own hands!

Please take note of the second installment of our student-run events series called JFKInterviews!

These interactive interviews will give you the opportunity to have a chat with people who have similar academic backgrounds as us and have found amazing jobs since their graduation! The format is deliberately interactive, so you don’t just join in on another boring and meandering WebEx session where nobody read the assigned texts, ahem.


Our second guest will be Hans Jürgen Hoyer. He is originally from Berlin, is currently the Executive Secretary of the GEDC (Global Engineering Deans Council), which is based in Maryland (USA). He has a PhD in Latin American Studies & U.S. Foreign Policy from the American University of Washington D.C., an extensive history of working with a plethora of education societies from around the world, and sat on the board of many institutions and companies you have probably heard of before. Seriously, it’s quite impressive … and way too much for an email, so check it out yourself if you want to know more:

Bio: https://www.gedcouncil.org/hans-jurgen-hoyer/
Resume: https://www.gedcouncil.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Hans-Jurgen-Hoyer-Resume-2021.pdf

You’ll notice that he started out from a somewhat similar vantage point in terms of university degree as us – which is exactly why we invited him for next Wednesday to tell us how he got to where he is now! And, as always, the whole thing is supposed to not be just another dry lecture - prod him with questions, ask him how useful his education really was in the end and what really came in handy after all. At least that’s what we’ll be asking him … :-)

Wednesday, May 26, 2021 6:00 pm
| 2 hours | (UTC+02:00) Berlin
Meeting number:       121 912 3745
Password:                 JFKInterviews-GO

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Already booked for that day? Well, don’t worry – we have more!

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Want to talk to suggest other guest or topic areas to find contacts in? Maybe you even know a guy, who knows a gal, who has a relative with a NAS degree, who would like to share the secrets of how they turned that into a successful career? Either way, contact us on the JFK-I Discord Server under #events and let us know!


Your JFKInterviews Team,
Deanna Wright (MA), Max Elias (MA), Felix Kiener (BA) & Thilo Prange (BA)