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Workshop Schedule - Saturday

WORKSHOP 8 (201)
American Studies as Engaged Scholarship: Doing Public Humanities from the Local to the Transnational 
Organizers: Regina Schober (Mannheim), Alexander Starre (FU Berlin)

Susan Smulyan (Brown University):
“What Can Public Art Teach the Public Humanities?”

Philipp Löffler (Heidelberg):
“Consequences of Academic Reading? Teachers Training, the German Public High School System, and Tom Franklin”

Gary T. Edwards (Arkansas State University):
“Local Historic Knowledge Production and 'The Public' in Jonesboro, Arkansas: An Academic's Encounter with Contemporary Community Theatre and A Historic Community Lynching”

Katharina Motyl (Tübingen):
“Engaged or Enraged? On the Disparate Acceptance of the Scholar-Activist Mode in US and German American Studies”

Antje Kley (Erlangen-Nürnberg):
“The Public Humanities and Literary Knowledge”

Briann G. Greenfield (New Jersey Council for the Humanities):
“‘Democracy Demands Wisdom’: The Role of State Humanities Councils in the American Model”


WORKSHOP 9 (203)
Taverns, Salons, and Vaudeville Theaters: Space and Public Spheres in Nineteenth-Century America 
Organizers: Evangelia Kindinger (Bochum), Dietmar Meinel (Duisburg-Essen)

Laura Bieger (Groningen): 
“Toward a Definition of Public Space”

Jan D. Kucharzewski (Hamburg):
“‘A cannibal of a craft’: Ships as Liminal Counter/Publics in the Works of Herman Melville”

Ferdinand Nyberg (Tübingen):
“Spacing Out: Alcohol, Threat, and Antebellum Temperance”

Daniel Stein (Siegen):
“Crime Scenes as Popular Public Spheres in Antebellum City Mystery Novels”

Rieke Jordan (Frankfurt): 
“With Eyes Closed and Ears Open: The Phonograph and the Listening Public”


WORKSHOP 10 (319)
Counter/Publics and the Private Sphere 
Organizers: Karsten Fitz (Passau), Johannes Voelz (Frankfurt) & Stefan Hippler (Würzburg), Katrin Horn (Bayreuth)

Pia Wiegmink (Mainz): 
“Domestic Publicity in Antebellum African American Women’s Life Writing”

Cedric Essi (Bremen): 
“Queer Memoirs on Interracial Adoption: Domestic Intimacies, Public Interventions, and the Rise of Multiracialism”

Maria Sulimma (FU Berlin): 
“‘Sir, she can hear you’: The Mute Woman in Popular Culture”

Bärbel Harju (München): 
“The Art of Privacy in the Age of Hyper-Publicity”

Stephan Kuhl (Frankfurt): 
“Private Language and American Literary Publics”

David Rosen (Trinity College) and Aaron Santesso (Georgia Tech): 
“Private in Public: The Fragment in Contemporary American Nonfiction”


WORKSHOP 11 (340)
Public Feeling 
Organizer: Heike Paul (Erlangen-Nürnberg)

Hannah Spahn (Potsdam):
“Public Feeling in Ida B. Wells’s Anti-Lynching Campaign”

Dustin Breitenwischer (Freiburg):
“Feeling Alone: Catherine Opie and the Womanless Street”

Katharina Gerund (Erlangen-Nürnberg): 
“Public Feeling on the Home Front: The ‘Waiting Wives’ of US Wars Abroad”

Elisabeth Bronfen (Zürich): 
“The Mimicry of Care: Representations of Female Politicians in Homeland and House of Cards

Simon Dickel (Essen):
“ACT UP, Public Mourning, and Archival Activism”

Suncica Klaas (Potsdam): 
“Consumptive Economies of Public Commemoration: Mourning ‘Tiananmen’ in American Political Culture”


Transnational Periodical Counter/Publics 
Organizers: Florian Freitag, Tim Lanzendörfer (Mainz)

Matthew Pethers (Nottingham): 
“‘An Executioner in the Civil State’: Periodical Culture and the Reimagining of Social Authority in Jeffersonian America”

Kate Lacson (University of Côte d'Azur): 
“The Manileña Marked Woman”

Philipp Reisner (Düsseldorf): 
“Contemporary Christian Periodicals and American Religious Culture: From The Christian Century (1884-) to First Things (1990-)”

Nina Weißer (München): 
Radical America and Quaderni Piacentini: A Case Study of a Transnational Counterpublic”

Michael Connors Jackman (Memorial University of Newfoundland): 
“The Imagined Audience of The Body Politic: Transnational Activism and the Horizons of a Liberationist Counterpublic”


Electronic Agoras: Inter/Multimedial Dissensus and the Public Discourse of Islamophobia 
Organizers: Elena Furlanetto (Duisburg-Essen), Frank Mehring (Nijmegen)

Stefan Brandt (Graz):
“‘Fear of an Islamic Planet?’ Intermedial Exchange and the Rhetorics of Islamophobia”

Martina Pfeiler (Bochum):
“‘1700% Project: Mistaken for Muslim’: Intermedia Interplay and Challenging Islamophobia in Anida Yoeu Ali's Performance Poetry Clip”

Brigitte Georgi-Findlay (TU Dresden):
“Inter/Multimedia Constructions of Islam in Contemporary TV Series”

Mahmoud Arghavan (Independent):
“Islamophobia without Islamophobes: New Strategies of Representing Imperialist versus Suicide-Bomber Necropolitics in Syriana and Homeland

Frank Mehring (Nijmegen): 
“Holy Terror! Intermediality and Public Discourse of Islamophobia in the Graphic Novels of Frank Miller”

Elena Furlanetto (Duisburg-Essen):
“The Reluctant Islamophobics: Multimedia Dissensus in Kingdom of Heaven (2005) and Agora (2009)”


The Prison as Counter/Public 
Organizers: Birte Christ (Gießen), Andrea Zittlau (Rostock)

Aylwyn Walsh (Leeds, UK)
“Race, Space and Violence: US Prison Cultures Doing Time between Prison and Plantation”

Katharina Fackler (Graz)
“Race and Criminalization in Austin Reed's The Life and the Adventures of a Haunted Convict

Dennis Büscher-Ulbrich (Kiel)
“‘A counterproposal of unmanageability’: Riots and the Carceral State”

Kristina Graaff (HU Berlin)
“Navigating the Counter/Publics of Prison: An Intersectional Perspective”

Jayne Thompson (Widener University, PA)
“How to Listen: Collecting the Voices of Incarcerated Women”