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Florian Sedlmeier

Since April 2012 Florian Sedlmeier is Assistant Professor of North American Literature at the John F. Kennedy Institute. Until March 2012 he was a doctoral assistant and postdoc for American Literature and Culture at Universität Salzburg, where he received his doctoral degree in 2010. His dissertation was awarded the Fulbright Prize for American Studies in Austria. Prior to his tenure in Salzburg he was a fellow at the Graduiertenkolleg “Die Figur des Dritten” at the Universität Konstanz. While in Konstanz, he also stayed as a research associate at the Department of Comparative Literature at UC Irvine. His monograph The Postethnic Literary: Reading Paratexts and Transpositions around 2000 will be published with de Gruyter this fall.

John F. Kennedy Institute