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Sabine Sielke

Sabine Sielke is Chair of North American Literature and Culture, Director of the North American Studies Program and the German-Canadian Centre, Spokesperson of the Zentrum für Kulturwissenschaft|Cultural Studies at the University of Bonn as well as member of the Advisory Board of the Center of Modernist Studies at Zheijang University, Hangzhou. Her publications include Reading Rape (Princeton 2002) and Fashioning the Female Subject (Ann Arbor 1997), the series Transcription, the (co-)editions American Studies Today: New Research Agendas (2014), Beyond 9/11: Transdisciplinary Perspectives on Twenty-First Century U.S. American Culture(2013), Verschleierungstaktiken: Phänomene von eingeschränkter Sichtbarkeit, Tarnung und Täuschung in Natur und Kultur (2011), Orient and Orientalisms in US-American Poetry and Poetics (2009), The Body as Interface (2007), Gender Talks (2006), 18x15: amerikanische post:moderne (2003), Der 11. September 2001 (2002), Making America (2001), Engendering Manhood (1998), Gender Matters (1997),and Theory in Practice (1994) as well as essays on poetry and poetics, modern and post-modern literature and culture, literary and cultural theory, gender and African American studies, popular culture, and the interfaces of cultural studies and the sciences. Her current book projects interrogate phenomena of memory, mediation, and seriality at the crossroads of the cognitive sciences and cultural studies, and narratives of science in fiction. She engages in collaborative projects on knowledge ecologies North America, on modes, functions, and effects of nostalgia, on mimicry as communication, and on the nexus of violence and security.

John F. Kennedy Institute