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Albert Laguna

Albert Sergio Laguna is Assistant Professor of Ethnicity, Race & Migration and American Studies at Yale University. His research and teaching interests include transnational Latino/a literatures and cultures, humor theory, performance studies, and the Cuban diaspora. His current book project, "Diasporic Diversión: The Politics of Play in Cuban America" examines the ways in which Cubans have mobilized the ludic to negotiate life off of the island and the complex generational and political shifts within the Cuban diaspora. His work has appeared in Latino Studies, The Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies, Diario de Cuba and The Miami Herald. His article, "Aquí Está Alvarez Guedes: Cuban Choteo and the Politics of Play," published in Latino Studies and based on his book research, won the 2012 Article Award from the Latina/o Studies Section of the Latin American Studies Association.

John F. Kennedy Institute