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Funding Programs

Funding Programs

In this section we provide information on selected funding programs for the advancement of transatlantic cooperation in curriculum integration, student mobility, and joint or double degree programs.

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Funding Programs

Double Degree Program („Doppeldiplom Programm“)


Within this program, the DAAD supports integrated, bi-national study programs that include study periods at a German and a foreign higher education institution and that award respective students degrees of both institutions.

ISAP Program


The ISAP Program provides funding for international higher education partnerships between German and foreign higher education institutions. The institutional partnerships should feature the possibility for highly qualified German and foreign students to spend study periods at the partner institution, receiving full credit recognition from both ends.

EU/US Funding Programs

EU/US Atlantis Program


In 2006, the EU Commission and the US Department of Education have introduced the new Atlantis Program which explicitely focusses on funding of transatlantic higher education consortia and transatlantic degree programs.

EU / Canada Funding Programs


The EU / Canada program provides funding for the advancement of cooperation in higher education and vocational training, for the improvement of transatlantic collaboration and student mobility through joint projects in education and degree recognition.

ERASMUS Mundus / Action 3: Partnerships with non-EU Countries


Under this programs, funding is provided for consortia with higher education institutions in non-EU countries, as well as support for post gradutes and highly qualified scholars from EU countries to spend a three month study or teaching period at a non-EU partner institution.